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COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Resources
COVID-19 vaccination is now available for certain age groups and patient populations. There are three currently approved vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

All three vaccines boost the body’s capacity to fight future exposure to COVID-19 and have around 85-95% effectiveness in preventing people from getting sick with severe COVID-19. You cannot contract COVID-19 from any vaccine, yet it is possible that after your vaccination you may have some short-term side effects. You may experience mild pain, fatigue, chills, joint pain, headache, and a fever, but this is completely normal, only lasts a day or two, and is a positive sign that the vaccine is working to teach your body how to fight future COVID-19 exposures. While these vaccines were approved quickly due to need, the science behind the vaccine is not new and has been in the process for over 10 years. Additionally, there are no medical conditions preventing you from receiving the vaccine unless you are severely allergic to a component in the vaccine. If you are concerned about your specific health situation, you should speak with your doctor or a healthcare provider, including those available to you via the WFCC Telehealth service.

There are some differences between the three vaccines. Both Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA vaccines that require two doses and are most protective two weeks after the second dose. J&J is an adenovirus vaccine that only requires one dose and is most protective a month after the vaccine.

We strongly urge you to get the vaccine to not only protect yourself, but also the rest of the community. If you are still hesitant, want to learn more, or need help signing up for the vaccine, see the resources below:

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