Purpose: To provide the Greater Worcester community with quality and accessible free Health Services that are private and compliant with all medical laws.

    Services Offered:
  • Medication prescriptions and refills
  • Acute and chronic medical management
  • Social support services
    • Prescription Cost Management
    • Insurance Support and Connections to Legal Aid
    • Financial and Food Security
    • Housing and Transportation Support
  • COVID-19 and vaccine information:
    • Vaccination sign up and rollout
    • FAQ

    Services that are NOT offered:
  • Vaccination
  • School or Work Physicals
  • Lab Tests (Bloodwork)

Current Hours: Thursdays 6pm - 8pm**

Option 1: Video Call (PREFERRED)

Via Zoom on PC, Mac, iOS, or Android
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Option 2: Phone Call

Call us at: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 648 474 7585#

Enter the “meeting ID” number plus # when prompted. You may be temporarily be placed on hold.
**All hours are subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation, check frequently